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Character Name: Tallus
Character Legal Name (HS): Tallus Dusk Walker
Journal Username: [personal profile] aimlesswander 

Mun Name: Linden  
Mun Tumblr: QuietUmbrella

Campaign: Jade Regent // Alpha Group 
Race: Dhampire
Class: Inquisitor 

Grade & Age: Eighteen years old // Junior (repeating junior year, transferred in this year) 
Dorm Room: B2-4
Clubs/Sports/Activities: Archery Club, Bible club, Tumbling club, watches Gymnastics club.

In-School: Quiet, calm, and generally keeps to himself. Tallus will typically not engage people until someone approaches him, not because he is shy, but because he is an introvert. Once engaged, however he becomes rather chatty. He is usually seen with a book in hand, or with his headphones in. He even drowns out the world with his music while free running. He has lost an iPod for that very reason. Tallus gets good grades, but isn't terribly motivated outside of what is necessary.

After School: Tallus was raised in a religious orphanage and was adopted around the age of nine. He was the second to be adopted into this family, and he quickly grew close to his step sister. Two close. Two bad she was a scheming bitch, which ultimately led to his expulsion from his previous school in a blaze of not-so-much glory. Outside of school Tallus behaves as he does inside it, although he might actualy be seen talking with his friends instead. Slightly more social.

Appearance (HS): Significantly shorter hair than his DND counter part, Tallus is still a pale blonde, and has blue green eyes. He has a lean build, but definitely has muscle definition from all of the free running he does. He dresses in simple cloths, no real designs on his t-shirts, unless it is some subtle reference to some of the nerdy things he is into. 

Strengths/Weaknesses: When Tallus moves it's like smooth liquid grace. He is fast when he wants to be, can jump and climb over many a great thing, and is able to survive in the wilderness. IE he loves camping. Tallus is also slightly anemic, which is why he carries a parasol around with him when the sun is high or too how. He is prone to fainting in the heat, or when he is over exposed. He also has an addiction to Cherry Coke, and other Coca Cola products. Not Caffeine, but Coca Cola. His will is also currently not that strong, as he is purposely trying to starve himself of attention, in fears that he might fall back into previous habits from his past school.


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Tallus Dusk Walker

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