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Name:Tallus Dusk Walker
Location:United States of America
SPORTS: Dislikes organized sports.

CLUBS: Archery Club. Bible Club. Watches Gymnastics. Avoids poetry.

IN SCHOOL: Quiet, calm, and generally keeps to himself. Will typically not engage people until someone approaches him, at which point he can become rather chatty. He just needs the little push. Eyes people in his down time, judging or admiring. Gets good grades, but isn't terribly motivated.

OUT OF SCHOOL: Exactly the same, except probably hanging around people he enjoys more, or alone in his room. Or in tree reading a book. He's exactly the same with different backgrounds and people around him.

OTHER: Addicted to Coca Cola. Particularly Cherry Coke. Expelled from his previous school in Junior year, repeating junior year at Dice North. Loves camping and being in the wilderness. Can't be outside in the sun too long or he will faint. Goes around with a parasol on particularly clear days.
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